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1 x 90 minute weekly class / €60 per month
2 x 90 minute weekly classes / €100 per month
1 x 60 minute class / €50 per month
2 x 60 minute classes / €80 per month

The Main Reasons to Practice Yoga

Ignite Your Life: Unleash the Power of Yoga for Inner Peace, Fitness, and Joy! Transform your mind, body, and soul with the incredible benefits of yoga. Enhance mental clarity, reduce stress, boost energy, and cultivate mindfulness. Join the yoga revolution today!

Lauren is a great instructor, I feel so relaxed and calm every time after the class. I would highly recommend this class

Dee Kennedy


Lauren is a fantastic yoga instructor! I look forward to her classes every week and always leave feeling so calm and clear headed. Lauren is attentive and inclusive to all abilities. Would definitely recommend her Tuesday evening Relaxing Hatha yoga class for the ultimate relaxation and the morning classes are a great way to start the day

Mia Meireles

I’ve been doing Lauren’s Thursday 7am yoga class for the last few weeks and it really sets me up for the day! Lauren is an amazing instructor, very easy to follow, is excellent at giving the attention to people individually and is very understanding if you are suffering with any physical issues and adjusts poses to suit individual needs. If you are looking for a yoga class I highly recommend LK Yoga. Lauren is fantastic

Tara A Hersee